What Is IMVU Rated?

What does IMVU only mean?

Instant Messaging Virtual UniverseIMVU means “Instant Messaging Virtual Universe”..

Is IMVU a dating site?

Imvu App. Imvu online virtual game, also considered as a dating platform, is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. It is also downloadable for computers which are more preferred by the members.

Why is IMVU so slow?

IMVU account holders often face lag issues within the IMVU chat messenger as the messenger’s high resolution and 3-D graphics environment can tax a computer’s resources. The amount of strain depends on a number of factors including the level of those resources, chat room graphics and your avatar file size.

What are live rooms IMVU?

Live Rooms is a new product feature on IMVU Mobile (iOS and Android) and the new IMVU Desktop 3.0 app. For the first time on the popular global platform, Live Rooms enables users to broadcast, entertain, show, demonstrate, or present to a larger group of people.

How do you get money on IMVU?

How to Earn Credits on IMVUBuy credits using a credit card. The price of the credits depends on how many you purchase. … Verify your email address. When you sign up for IMVU you’ll get a link sent to your email address. … Complete partner offers. … Become a fan of IMVU on Facebook. … Refer friends to IMVU. … Play with your pet. … Join the creator program.

Who found IMVU?

Eric RiesWill HarveyMatt DanzigIMVU/Founders

Is IMVU appropriate for 11 year olds?

How old do you have to be to play IMVU? If 13 sounds a little young to be engaging in this kind of virtual world, you’re not alone. Common Sense Media, a non-profit media rating site for parents, gives IMVU an “iffy for ages 15-18” rating.

What is IMVU used for?

IMVU (/ˈɪmvjuː/, stylized as imvu) is an online metaverse and social networking site. IMVU was founded in 2000 and was originally backed by venture investors Menlo Ventures, AllegisCyber Capital, Bridgescale Partners, and Best Buy Capital. IMVU members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create, and play games.

Is IMVU a virus?

Short answer “yes, IMVU is spreading viruses and malware”. … If the desktop app was downloaded from an official source the client will be free of viruses and other harmful malware. Only download or install IMVU from official sources.

Does IMVU cost money?

While chatting through IMVU is free, it’s more enjoyable if you spend money. Some things require spending actual money, while others require you to purchase credits, which function as IMVU’s virtual currency. … In addition to buying them in the IMVU Web site, you can buy currency cards at Best Buy and other stores.

Is IMVU a Chinese app?

The company recently reported a significant increase in users from South Korea in the last year and responded to the growth with an IMVU experience that is localized to the Korean culture, language, and people. The Korean language version of the IMVU app is available on the iOS App store and Google Play store.

What does H mean in IMVU?

Live Room HostsThis is the badge that distinguishes “Live Room Hosts” Selected as Best Selected as Best Upvote 1 upvote Translate with Google.