What Documents Do You Need To Open A Post Office Account?

What is needed to open a post office account?

They need to provide a passport or birth certificate, voter’s I.D., senior citizen card or PAN, and so on.

Seniors are required to pay a minimum balance of 1,000 rupees in cash to open a post office savings account..

How do I open a post office account online?

How to activate Indian Post internet banking for new users?Go to Indian Post eBanking website.Click on ‘New User Activation’Enter the required details- Customer ID and Account ID.You will receive a ‘User ID’ once your activation process is completed.

What is the minimum balance in post office account?

₹500In an important announcement for post office savings bank account holders, Department of Post has said that now maintaining a minimum balance in Post Office Savings Account is mandatory. “Maintain a minimum balance of ₹500 in your savings account.

Does post office have online banking?

A POSB customer can access the internet banking facility at ebanking.indiapost.gov.in. … Users will also be able to make online deposits from savings bank account to recurring deposit (RD) account and public provident fund (PPF) account of post office.

Can benefits be paid into a post office account?

You can have benefit or tax credit paid into: a standard bank or building society account (for example, a current account) a basic bank account (also called an introductory account) a Post Office card account.