Quick Answer: Where Can I Use Bank Alfalah Orbits?

How can I check my Alfalah account balance?

By subscribing to this service, customers can get their account balance, Last 5 transactions, Credit Card information, Orbits points inquiry and topup of their registered mobile number through their Bank Alfalah account by sending predefined texts to Bank Alfalah short code 8287..

How do I use my Bank Alfalah orbits?

Multiple ways to earn means more Orbits to spend. You can use Orbits to top up your mobile, pay your bills, visit the Orbit Mall for online shopping or pay by scanning a QR at select merchants.

How do I use alfalah Internet banking?

To register for Alfalah Internet Banking.Visit bankalfalah.com.Click on “Log on” on top right corner and select registration option.On the registration page, select the option by clicking ‘Debit card customers or Credit card customers or Bank Account holder’Fill in the required information to successfully register.

What is current orbits in Bank Alfalah?

What are Orbits? Orbits is the name of the rewards currency or points that you can earn across various Bank Alfalah products.

How do I claim credit card reward points?

How to redeem Reward Points?Log into to your NetBanking Portal/Account on HDFC Bank website.Once logged-in, click the ‘Cards’Then click on the ‘Enquire’ tab in the Debit Card section.Once you are taken to the next page, click on the ‘Cashback Enquiry and Redemption’ tab.More items…

How do I get my Internet banking credentials?

New users can generate a password online by using the ‘First time user option’. You can generate the login password using your debit card 4-digit ATM Pin and your registered mobile number.

How can I find my Bank Alfalah IBAN number?

Kindly fill in the first 4 digits of your 14 digit account number in the first field above and the next 10 digits in the second field in order to generate your IBAN.

How do you get orbits in Alfa?

All you need is a current or savings account and a combination of 3, 6 or 9 products to earn a bonus of 25%, 50% or 100% of the total Orbits earned during a month. Tier bonus awards and downgrades are added at the start of each month.

What do you mean by orbits?

An orbit is a regular, repeating path that one object in space takes around another one. An object in an orbit is called a satellite. A satellite can be natural, like Earth or the moon. … Planets, comets, asteroids and other objects in the solar system orbit the sun.

How do I get Alfalah credit card?

If you are a Bank Alfalah account holder and want to get a credit card, you ought to know the following steps:Method -1 Call Bank Alfalah Helpline.Method – 2 Apply Online.Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit Card Eligibility.Alfalah Titanium MasterCard Eligibility.Alfalah VISA Gold Credit Card Eligibility.More items…•