Quick Answer: What Is GetGo Number?

How do I activate my GetGo account?

To reactivate your account, you need to earn at least one GetGo point from any of our partners….Earn whenever you:Key-in your GetGo number upon booking or web check-in and fly with Cebu Pacific Air or Cebgo.Shop with our earn partners.Convert your rewards from our earn partners to GetGo points..

Can I use my GetGo points to book another person?

Yes, you can redeem for anyone by adding the person in your Travel Group. You are given up to 7 slots and once you have added someone, you can’t take him or her out of your Travel Group for at least 6 months. Now your family and friends can also benefit from your GetGo points!

Will my GetGo points expire?

Getgo points or account do not expire as long as you have 1 earning activity within 12 months. Otherwise, your account will be inactive and points will no longer be seen.

How do I check my GetGo points?

You can request your GetGo points from the flights you’ve flown 6 months to date. Login at www.GetGo.com.ph, hover at MY POINTS, click MISSING POINTS and key in your details! We’ll credit your points 7 days after you’ve sent your request.

How do you use GetGo?

Follow these easy steps to start your flight redemption journey:Login to your account as usual.Select Go Places or Redeem.Select one of the featured destinations, or select your preferred route from the dropdowns.Select your preferred date(s) – with our monthly fare calendar you can choose the best deal easily.More items…

How do I apply for a GetGo debit card?

Apply as easy asChoose a credit card, a debit card, or both.Complete the application form.Get the card and enjoy your GetGo points.

Can I use GetGo points for baggage?

If you have earned a lot of points, you may use it in paying for the following: Baggage Allowance.

What is a GetGo account?

GetGo is a lifestyle rewards program that allows you to accumulate points on your everyday spending (on groceries, utilities, gasoline, etc.) and redeem those points for a free flight.

How do I recover my GetGo account?

Follow the below steps:From the Home page of www.getgo.com.ph, click the “Login” button.Click “Forgot Password”.Enter your registered Email Address and click the “Send Email” button.Once done, you will be informed of the successful request. … A reset password link will be sent to your registered email.More items…

How do I contact get go?

For information, customer feedback or further assistance, members may contact GetGo via the following:Visit the GetGo website at www.GetGo.com.ph.Contact GetGo Team at contactus@GetGo.com.ph or (632) 8714-3846 (871GetGo)

How do I transfer travel funds to my GetGo account?

If you have a GetGo account, please follow these steps:Log in to your account at https://bit.ly/CEBmanageflight.Search for the specific flight under ‘My Bookings’ then click the ‘Manage’ button.A Travel Fund option will be shown. … Once successfully completed, your funds will be stored to your account.

How do I get a travel fund?

How do I use/redeem my Travel Fund?Book your flight at www.cebupacificair.com*When you reach the payment page, select Travel Fund as your form of payment.Enter your Travel Fund’s booking reference number and click ‘Use Travel Fund’Click ‘Pay Now’ to confirm your booking.