Quick Answer: What Are Telkom Out Of Bundle Rates?

What is out of bundle browsing?

And this time around, the telecommunications giants is putting the Out of Bundle Browsing feature to test.

The feature, according to experts, is a service that allows the subscriber to choose whether to allow his or her phone to be able to access the internet at a time when pone doesn’t have an active data bundle..

What is the difference between airtime and data bundles?

When you use your airtime to go online, you pay out-of-bundle rates, which are much higher than in-bundle rates. Data bundles give you a set amount of data for a fixed price – meaning you can save money and know exactly how much you are spending.

What is Telkom Monate bundles?

Dial *180# Select the “Monate Bundles” menu option: All-network voice bundles (valid for 7 days). Daily Data Bundle (a once-off data bundle that will be valid for 24hrs from the time of purchase). Daily Social Data Bundle (a once-off data bundle that will be valid for 24hrs from the time of purchase).

How can I convert airtime to cash?

Aimtoget converts your airtime to cash and would pay you 80% cash after conversion. You can also buy airtime, data bundles, pay bills, send and receive money through the platform. Aimtoget also makes it easy for businesses to accept payments in the form of airtime on their websites. Aimtoget has an app on Playstore.

How much is 1gb on Cell C?

Max limit of 1GB in a month….Key Benefits.PriceR 149.00Validity30 DaysOut of Bundle Data Rate (MB)As per tariff planData-in-Bundle Rate (MB)R 0.10Inclusive Monthly Data1.5GB1 more row

How do I convert airtime to data on Telkom?

How to convert telkom airtime to data and Buy Internet Data Bundle online for Telkom Mobile ( 8ta)?Step1: Send this Message. *180#Step2: Press 1 from the list (bundle purchases)Step3: Press 1 from the list (data bundles)Step4: Press (1 to 7 ) from the list (select the amount)Step5: Press 1 to (Confirm).

What is the cheapest data bundle in South Africa?

Telkom Mobile offers the most affordable 2GB bundle among the MNOs; however, MVNO Lycamobile offers this bundle at R79, which is by far the cheapest. When it comes to a 3G bundle, MTN and Vodacom both charge R299, while Telkom Mobile charges the lowest rates among the MNOs at R201.

How do I turn off bundle browsing on Telecel?

If you have not already, deactivate out of bundle browsing. Dial *143# and go to Account Services, select option 3 (out of bundle browsing) then select option 2 (do not allow). That is all. Once it is off it will stay that way until you change it (why would you though) and so you do not need to keep doing this.

What is Telkom SIM Sonke tariff?

SIM-SONKE. 30c is what it costs per minute to another Telkom number, but that’s also what it costs per SMS, MMS or MB of data. The best part is that if you don’t use the full minute, you only pay for every second you use! (75c to other networks.)

What does out of bundle rates mean?

If a consumer doesn’t buy a package or exceeds the capacity they have purchased, the rate is referred to as “out-of-bundle”. … This means that instead of purchasing a package and benefitting from a lower price per megabyte of data, you would be spending more money per megabyte.

How much is 10gb of data Telkom?

Dial *180# to switch to Prepaid LTE and get 10GB of data for R99!

How do I stop NetOne out of bundle browsing?

How to switch off out of bundle browsing on NetOneDial *130#Select option 1 “Out of bundle data charging.”Choose option 2 “Block” (or if for any reason you want to use your regular airtime to surf the internet then you choose option 1 “Allow”

How do I cancel my Telkom bundle?

Once you’re logged in to your Telkom profile, select ‘ Manage My Accounts. ‘ Click on the applicable account to view your existing Telkom subscriptions. Then select the ‘ Cancel your services ‘ option on any products which you want to cancel.

How much is 20gb of data Telkom?

Telkom has launched new Sim-only mobile data plans for “on-the-go customers” that dramatically undercut the prices charged by its rivals. The new plans include a 20GB option (plus 20GB of “night surfer” data for use between midnight and 7am) priced at R355/month.

How much is WhatsApp data on Telkom?

The entry-level 150MB FreeMe prepaid bundle, which previously offered 150MB of general-use data, 150MB of data for instant messaging and Internet calls, 50 SMSes and 150 on-network minutes for R29, now offers 150MB of general-use data, 50 on-net minutes and 75MB for WhatsApp (plus 75MB for streaming) at the same price.

Which Telkom tariff is the best for data?

The best thing about this tariff is that you can make calls to your loved ones at as low as 30c per minute or you can surf the internet at 29c per MB….SIM-Sonke.Voice CallsRateDataRateStandard29c per MB5 more rows•Aug 10, 2020

How do I get 10gb on r100 Telkom?

Telkom Smart Broadband 10GB for R100Dial *180#Select option 5: tariff change.Select option 2: change current tariff.Select option 2: Smart Broadband wireless prepaid.Select option 1: to change your tariff to Smart Broadband wireless prepaid.

How much is 10gb of data Vodacom?

Bundle SizePriceOut-of-bundle rates (Prepaid)1GBR99R0.493GBR229R0.495GBR349R0.4910GBR469R0.496 more rows