Quick Answer: Is KCB Mpesa Giving Loans?

How does KCB mpesa Fixed Account work?

A Fixed Savings Account allows you to lock a specific amount of money for a period of 1 up to 12 months.

To open this account, you need to deposit a minimum of Kes.


Upon early or premature redemption, you will forfeit all interest acquired..

Can I get a loan after clearing with CRB?

It will only show that you don’t have any outstanding loan. … NOTE 2: Your previous default and credit history will still remain on CRB even after clearing your loan. Banks will still be able to see your previous loan repayment history.

Can I pay Mshwari loan with Fuliza?

This now means that everyone who has been using M-Shwari to get loans of less than the new limit will be forced to seek other means, or to use Fuliza, another loan (overdraft) product by Safaricom. … You can only access it when sending money or using Lipa Na M-Pesa and your balance is short.

How much can I borrow from KCB mpesa?

You can access loan limits from as low as Ksh. 100 and up to Ksh. 50,000. Enjoy repayment period of one month.

Which bank in Kenya has the best savings account?

Top Banks in KenyaThe top banks in Kenya are:Equity Bank Kenya. … Standard Chartered Bank Kenya. … Barclays Bank Kenya. … Kenya Commercial Bank. … Cooperative Bank of Kenya. … Diamond Trust Bank of Kenya. … National Bank of Kenya.More items…

How much interest does Mshwari earn?

M-Shwari pays interest ranging from two percent to five percent, based on a customer’s average daily balance. These rates are well above the 1.5 percent weighted average reported by the Central Bank.

How can I know my CRB status?

To check your CRB status on TransUnion:You first need to register by sending your full names to 21272. The SMS charges is sh. … You then enter your ID number.Choose Credit Status.You will receive your CRB status. If you receive good, it means you are not blacklisted while default means blacklisted.

How do I pay back my KCB mpesa loan?

Using Safaricom ToolkitGo to M-PESA menu.Select Loans and Savings.Select KCB M-PESA.Select Pay Loan.Select to pay from M-PESA or from your KCB M-PESA Account.Enter amount & follow prompts to complete.

How do I increase my KCB mpesa loan limit?

How do I grow my loan limit?Increase activity on your KCB M-PESA Account by moving money in and out of your Account.Increase savings on your KCB M-PESA Account.Increase usage of M-PESA services.

How do I pay my KCB mpesa loan to another number?

Go to the Lipa Na M-PESA menu on your phone, Select Pay Bill and enter Pay Bill number 522522, Enter the KCB account number you are transferring money to, enter the amount, Enter M-PESA PIN and confirm to send money.

How can I get instant loan from mpesa?

Process Flow To Repay loan: Go to Safaricom MPESA menu select LIPA NA MPESA select Buy Goods and Services enter 356947 as till number, enter the amount due and press OK ,enter your MPESA PIN and press ok to confirm transaction.

What happens if you delay to pay KCB mpesa loan?

However, In the event that you do not repay the loan in full within sixty (60) days from the date when the loan was first granted, you will be liable to pay a late repayment penalty fee of 10% of any outstanding principal, interest, negotiation fees and any other fees payable under the KCB M-PESA.

How do I qualify for a KCB loan?

Standard RequirementsMust have had an account with KCB for at least 3 months.Original and copy of National ID or passport.Employment card (where applicable)Latest 3 Months pay slips (original)Proof of income for self-employed individuals.

What is the maximum Mshwari savings?

The standard M-PESA limits apply; however you can deposit as low as ksh. 1 in your M-Shwari savings account….M-Shwari.SAVINGSAMOUNTSSaving amounts with credit Interest StructureKES 20,001 – 50,000: 4%KES > 50,001: 5%2 more rows

How do I apply for a Fanikiwa loan?

Join Fanikiwa! Enter your details on the register screen by clicking Register.Complete Your Profile. After clicking register you will automatically be redirected to the home page. … Make An Investement. You can make an investment by accepting a lend offer. … Get A loan. You can get a loan by making a borrow offer Get A loan.