Quick Answer: How Long Do Messages Stay On Grindr?

Does grindr delete old messages?

Favorites and blocks will remain on your profile if you delete the app.

However, chats and saved photos/phrases will be erased if you don’t do a backup.

Please note, if you delete your profile it is not recoverable and ALL information will be lost..

How do I see old messages on Grindr?

AndroidTap Settings–settings will also appear as a “cog” icon on the top, upper, righthand corner of your profile photo.Scroll down to the Chats section.Tap Chat Backup (Here you can see information like the last time you did a Chat Backup and the current size of your inbox as well)

Can grindr messages be traced?

According to a new investigation by Queer Europe, though, Grindr can still expose people’s personal data through a third-party app called “Fuckr,” which was released in 2015 and can locate up to 600 Grindr users within minutes.

What happens when you log off Grindr?

Grindr Tip: If you tap the Sign Off button in the top left corner, or you closed the app over an hour ago, you will no longer show up to other guys (unless they have added you as a Favorite).