Quick Answer: Do GetGo Points Expire?

How do I redeem my GetGo points?

Follow these easy steps to start your flight redemption journey:Login to your account as usual.Select Go Places or Redeem.Select one of the featured destinations, or select your preferred route from the dropdowns.Select your preferred date(s) – with our monthly fare calendar you can choose the best deal easily.More items….

Is GetGo points transferable?

As long as your account is active, your points will be, too. GetGo points are non-transferable, but there is a better option: sharing points! GetGo members can create a group via the GetGo website in which every one can pool their points together to make bigger flight purchases.

How do I recover my GetGo account?

Follow the below steps:From the Home page of www.getgo.com.ph, click the “Login” button.Click “Forgot Password”.Enter your registered Email Address and click the “Send Email” button.Once done, you will be informed of the successful request. … A reset password link will be sent to your registered email.More items…

How do I change my GetGo email?

If you need to edit it, just click on the pencil icon. You will be routed to the Login Details page to update your email address.

Can I use my GetGo points to purchase baggage allowance?

In other words you can use your GetGo points to pay for the base fare and choose to pay through credit or debit card the fuel surcharges, administrative fees, aviation taxes and other add-ons (prepaid baggage allowance, prepaid inflight meals, seat selection, and prepaid sports equipment).

How many gallons can you get with fuelperks?

30 gallonsCustomers who choose to redeem their perks on fuel will continue to be able to receive up to a free tank of gas, up to 30 gallons. Those who prefer to redeem their perks on groceries can receive up to 20% off of their total purchase, with no limits on the purchase amount.

How do I check my points on GetGo?

You can request your GetGo points from the flights you’ve flown 6 months to date. Login at www.GetGo.com.ph, hover at MY POINTS, click MISSING POINTS and key in your details! We’ll credit your points 7 days after you’ve sent your request.

How do I activate GetGo?

How do I activate my CEB GetGo Credit Card? To activate, just call the UnionBank hotline: Metro Manila: (632) 981-1616 / (632) 631-7528. Outside Metro Manila: 1-800-1888-2277 (using PLDT landline)

What is GetGo number?

Your GetGo number is the 10 digit ID assigned after you have successfully enrolled in GetGo. Your GetGo number can be found: on the front of your GetGo membership card or GetGo Peso+ card.