Quick Answer: Can We Check TNB Bill Online?

Why is my TNB bill so high?

Basically, what you’ve been paying during the MCO was the prorated bill.

The reason why your bills have spiked up is that TNB operators are finally allowed to go to houses and read the meter.

Based on their readings, they would make adjustments based on what was estimated versus your actual usage..

How do I register myTNB?

Click on “Register” to register for a new account. For existing myTNB Mobile App users, no registration is required. Log in with existing email address and password. Click on “Register” under the Register for myTNB Account card.

How do I pay my TNB deposit?

Customers will be given a grace period to pay the additional security deposit. Payment can be made at TNB’s Kedai Tenaga, via online at www.mytnb.com.my or any of the one-stop collection agencies, e.g. Pos Malaysia.

Where do I complain about TNB?

Kindly contact us at 15454 for outages or streetlight faulty and 1300 88 5454 for billing enquiries. You may also contact us at FB TNB CareLine or email to tnbcareline@tnb.com.my for any enquiry.

How can I pay my electricity bill online Malaysia?

Pay your electricity bill conveniently here with just your electricity account number! You may pay up to RM250 using a Credit/Debit Card via Express Payment. Log in or register for payments above RM250. To proceed, please check your connection and complete the Captcha.

How do you calculate bills?

To calculate your electric bill, you’ll need to figure the energy usage of each of the appliances and electronic devices in your home….How to Calculate Your Electric BillMultiply the device’s wattage by the number of hours the appliance is used per day.Divide by 1000.Multiply by your kWh rate.

How can I check my TNB bill online?

To enjoy the convenience, we just sign-up TNB E-Services or myTNB Portal, click “Register Now” on the E-Services main page and follow the step like below. Just few EASY steps. However, if you are user of the myTNB Mobile App, TNB e-Services, or TNB e-Application sites. You can login using your registered email address.

How do I pay my electric bill at 7 Eleven?

Upon receipt of the bill, customers can go to any local 7-Eleven where their bar code is scanned at register. They complete the transaction by paying in cash. The funds immediately post to customers’ accounts, and they receive detailed receipts for proof of payment.

How can I check my TNB bill?

Get a copy of your latest bill via myTNB portal at www.mytnb.com.my or myTNB mobile app which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

What is the biller code for TNB?

5454Online payment through JomPAY (Biller Code: 5454, Biller Code Name: Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Ref 1: your TNB account number) is also available.

What bills can you pay at 711?

Transact e-services or pay your bills with ease at a 7-Eleven near you!Aid.Cable TV.E-Commerce.Internet.Loans.Insurance.Banks.Tuition.More items…

How do I pay my 7 Eleven bill?

This new payment method “Cash Payment at 7-Eleven” is also simple to use. All you need to do after you placed your order in Shopee is to proceed to a 7-Eleven near you, allow the cashier to scan the generated barcode and pay for the order in cash.

Can I pay TNB bill online?

WEBSITES/ INTERNET PAYMENT You can also pay your TNB bills through the Internet via our website of the respective participating banks.

How do I check my MCO electric bill?

The easiest way to check your current bill and make payment is through myTNB. Just key in your 12-digit TNB account number, and you will receive the current amount due.

Can I pay my TNB bill at 7 11?

Benefits to TNB Customers: Greater access and convenience for cash payments at more than 2000 7-Eleven outlets nationwide. Available 24 hours, 7 days a week. … No more queues, free parking and flexibility to pay whenever you want to buy groceries or grab a drink or packed food at any of the 7-Eleven Outlets nationwide.

What is MCO electricity?

Malaysians saw a spike in their electricity bills during The Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

How do I read a TNB meter?

To read your meter, take note of the digits displayed which is the energy consumption in kWh. You will then need to submit this information back to TNB. For three phase meters, the screen will scroll across 3 pages 10 seconds at a time. To take the kWh consumption make sure the display reads kWh or kWh Imp.

How do I know my TNB account number?

If you’re renting a space, you can view all electricity bills for the property you are renting. You’ll need the TNB Account number, which you can find on the top left- hand corner of your paper bill.