Question: Why Is My Giffgaff Phone Not Working?

Is there an issue with giffgaff today?

Giffgaff problems in the last 24 hours At the moment, we haven’t detected any problems at Giffgaff..

What is mean data roaming?

What is data roaming? When you use another mobile network to access the internet on your phone while still being billed by your normal provider. It can be pricey, so many experts advise people to turn data roaming off while they are abroad.

Why is my giffgaff roaming not working?

There are a few reasons your data might not be working: You might have run out of data in your goodybag. … If you’re abroad, make sure you have enabled your data roaming. If that doesn’t fix it, try to perform a manual roam.

Why can’t I log into my giffgaff account?

If there is a security bar in place, you can’t login with your phone number. You can find your username by texting NAME to 43430 (free of charge). If you still can’t login with your username, you will need to contact the agents and ask them to investigate, using the same form.

Can I contact Giff Gaff by phone?

We don’t do call centres. This helps us offer better value for our members. If you need help, our friendly community helpers can give you answers to your questions within minutes.

Can I speak to someone at giffgaff?

giffgaff do not operate a call centre, so there is no telephone number you can ring to speak to a person. Support is all web based. If you require support with an account issue you raise a query via the Ask a Giffgaff Agent link.

How can I get my data to work?

To do this, go to settings and tap on “Wireless Networks” or “Connections.” From there, switch on Airplane mode and turn off your phone. Wait for half a minute and then turn your mobile phone back on. Go to the same settings section and turn off Airplane mode. After that, check if your mobile data is working again.

How do I get a refund from giffgaff?

If you want a refund back,contact a agent and fully explain to them, if your purchase was done by a Credit or Debit Card make sure you have your bank details stored so that they can refund it back to your bank, please allow up to 3-5 days to receive the payment back to your bank.

Is Giff Gaff any good?

Giffgaff offer a decent range of data allowances and most plans come with unlimited texts and calls. If you already have a phone and just need a SIM plan, it’s a good and cheap option. Where you can get a handset with a giffgaff plan, these are essentially phone loans with a giffgaff goodybag tagged on the end.

Does giffgaff work on iPhone?

Giff gaff will work on any phone that is locked onto the 02 network or unlocked to any network. Yes, the GG sim will work on an iPhone SE. The settings should download automatically and you should install the profile to your phone.

How do I get my iPhone unlocked?

Only your carrier can unlock your iPhone. Contact your carrier and request an unlock. Your account might need to meet requirements for unlocking. After you submit the request, it might take a few days to complete.

Why is my giffgaff SIM not working in my Iphone?

If you get a “sim not supported message” or you get a message that the phone cannot be activated with a giffgaff sim, it means that the phone is network locked and needs unlocking before you can use your giffgaff sim in it.

What are APN settings?

APN (or access point name) settings contain information that’s needed to make data connections through your phone – especially internet browsing. In most cases, BT One Phone APN and MMS (picture) settings are automatically set up in your phone, so you can use mobile data straight away.

Why is my new giffgaff SIM not working?

First, try turning your phone off and on again a few times. That will reset the connection, which can often help. If that shows that everything should be OK, there may be a fault with either your phone or your SIM / Account. Can you try putting your SIM into another unlocked (to giffgaff / O2) phone?

Why is my giffgaff data not working?

If your mobile data isn’t working, but calls and texts are, there may be an issue with your Access Point Name (APN) settings. Pop over and check them on your phone settings. … On Android devices, they can usually be found in the Settings app under Mobile Networks/Networks, Mobile Network, then APNs.