Question: What Percent Of Students Get A 34 On The ACT?

Can I get into Harvard with a 34 ACT?

Currently, the average composite ACT score for students accepted to Harvard is 34.

The 25th percentile for Harvard ACT scores is 33 and the 75th percentile is 35.

So again, this means if you score less than 33, you’ll be below average compared to other applicants.

If you score a 35 or higher, you’ll be above average..

What schools can I get into with a 34 ACT?

Average ACT scores for Top Ranked UniversitiesUniversityACT 25 Percentile*ACT 75 Percentile*Northwestern University3134Williams College3134Swarthmore College3034University of California-Santa Barbara263149 more rows

What percentage of students get a 30 on the ACT?

Score cumulative percentages and comparison with SATSAT combined score (Math + Reading/Writing)ACT composite scoreThe percentile of students at or below this score for the ACT (not SAT)1420–14403196%1390–14103094%1350–13802992%1310–13402889%22 more rows

Will a 36 ACT get you into Harvard?

“If you have a 36 on your ACT and think you’re going to walk into Harvard, it’s not the case.” … Only a fraction of 1 percent of students who take the SAT scored a perfect 1600 or, on the ACT, a composite 36 on the four subject areas.

Is 19 a good ACT score?

A score of 19 is a little worse than average. It places you in the bottom 44th percentile nationally out of the 2 million test takers of the ACT entrance exam. The score indicates you’ve done a slightly below average job answering the questions on the English, Math, Reading and Science sections of the test.

Is a 34 act good enough for Ivy League?

Your score of a 34 will place you somewhere in the middle for most Ivy League colleges. You are in the 99th percentile of all ACT test takers which means only 1% of the test takers scored higher than you. … There you will find the 25th and 75th percentile scores for both the ACT and SAT scores of admitted students.

Should I retake the ACT if I got a 34?

You should only retake the test if you have good reason to believe the score will improve. And there’s little point in retaking the test if the intrinsic score is below a 34, since in this case the likely outcome from retaking is a worse score.

Should I retake the ACT if I got a 35?

35/36 is an excellent score. If you want to take the second attempt and try your luck at scoring a 36/36, you can go for it. However, it might be a waste of time. Moreover, a 36/36 does not guarantee admission.

How many questions can you miss to get a 34 on the ACT?

*The science section labeled N/A means you are not able to score a 34 on that test in the Science section. 2 questions wrong drops you to a 33 in Science on that test. If you are aiming to get a 34 on 1 section and 36 on the rest to get a 36 composite score, you should aim for at most 2 wrong on that section.