Question: What Are IMVU Credits?

What is a body light on IMVU?

As it says in the title.

We all know about the Full Body Lights.

The products that eliminate shadows on the avatar.

But another (probably unintended) consequence of these items is that it not only removes shadow effect on that person’s avatar.

It also eliminates shadow effect to the entire Room they happen to be in..

Why cant I use my credits on IMVU?

When accounts are on hold, credits cannot be used — this is done as a protective measure against takeovers. If your account is active and you encounter error messages in purchasing items, please check your account’s credit balance log to see if the purchase went through.

How do you get credits on IMVU?

Click here to get help!Joining Contests! IMVU regularly holds contests via the Community! … Completing Partner Offers. Earn up to thousands of credits after completing a Partner Offer! … Completing a Survey. … Watching Video Ads. … Joining the Peer Review Program. … Joining the Creator Program.

What does VIP mean on IMVU?

priority customer supportAdvertisement. A VIP Pass is essentially a subscription to IMVU that includes several benefits: name registration, priority customer support, a 5 percent discount on catalog items, 5,000 credits per month and no visible third-party ads.

Can you gift your own items on IMVU?

When you see an item from the shop that you wish to send as a gift, click on the ellipsis (three dots) on the lower-right corner of the item. This will bring up the product card of that item. From there, choose the Gift option and choose your friend/s who will receive the item.

How much money have I spent on IMVU?

STEP 1. Click on the Account link at the upper-right corner of any IMVU page. STEP 2. On the right, under Order History, click on View Credits Balance Log.

Can you gift with promo credits on IMVU?

The promo credits can also not be used to gift someone or give to someone.

Is IMVU safe for 13 year olds?

How old do you have to be to play IMVU? If 13 sounds a little young to be engaging in this kind of virtual world, you’re not alone. Common Sense Media, a non-profit media rating site for parents, gives IMVU an “iffy for ages 15-18” rating.

How do you get famous on IMVU?

If a lot of people know you on IMVU (you have a lot of friends) then you will become popular. Create more products, while on IMVU. If you make a lot of good popular products, people will share your name. So you will become known.

Can you send credits on IMVU?

To gift credits to someone via the IMVU web page, follow the steps below: STEP 1: Go to then login to your account. … STEP 2: Click Credits then select Give Credits. STEP 3: Fill out the Give credits form then click Give.

What’s the difference between promo credits and credits on IMVU?

Promo credits, also called “predits” for short, are a special type of credits you can earn and spend on the IMVU website. Unlike regular credits, which are purchased using real money, promo credits can be earned for free, allowing you to essentially get free items for your IMVU avatar.

How do you get IMVU credits for free?

How do you earn free IMVU Credits?Complete Quests. You earn PTS by completing quests, watching videos, creating content and lots of other stuff. … Play Games. Play games you’re playing every day and get more than entertainment from them. … Exchange to Rewards.

What does IMVU stand for?

Instant Messaging Virtual UniverseInstant Messaging Virtual Universe.

Do IMVU credit generators work?

IMVU free Credit generators are NOT SAFE and are often gateways to getting your account hacked. Many of the IMVU free credit generators ask you for your user name. Having your username is the first data point required to hack your account.

How do you turn the light off on IMVU?


Can you call IMVU?

If you have a billing concern or need further assistance with your IMVU account, check out this article. If you want to contact us by phone, you can call using this toll free (within US) number: 866-761-0975 from 6am to 6pm Pacific Time. For International users, you may also contact us at 1-650-321-8334.

Can you get paid on IMVU?

Yes! After you have signed up to Creator Payments you can set what percentage of your earnings you wish to receive in cash or Credits. You can earn 100% cash, 100% Credits or anything in between. Use the slider on the Creator Payments page to set your desired distribution.

What are IMVU promo credits?

Promo credits, likewise called “predits” for short, are an exceptional kind of credits you can procure and spend on the IMVU site. … In contrast to standard credits, which are acquired utilizing genuine cash, promo credits can be earned for nothing, enabling you to basically get free things for your IMVU symbol.