Question: How Much Can I Withdraw From My Money Network Card?

Why did I get a money network card?

Your Economic Impact Payment Card contains the money you are receiving as a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).

The EIP Card is sponsored by the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service as part of the US Debit Card Program..

Does the stimulus check come as a debit card?

An Economic Impact Payment card is a prepaid debit card that the Treasury Department has used to distribute some stimulus payments under the CARES Act, instead of an electronic monetary transfer or paper checks.

How much does money network charge per transaction?

For each cross border transaction using the same currency, you will also be charged a fee of eight tenths of one percent (. 008) of the transaction amount. messages may apply. printed 60-day transaction history is also available without charge upon request by contacting Customer Service.

What bank is affiliated with Money Network?

MetaBankYou are being redirected to your Money Network Account’s new website with MetaBank. Please Note: As of June 30, 2020, MetaBank is the new issuing bank for your Money Network Card. in with your existing user ID and password.

Where can I withdraw money from my MetaBank card?

For a $2.50 fee, you can withdraw at an ATM, just like a regular bank debit card. If you withdraw at a participating ACE Cash Express location, you can skip the fees and withdraw up to $400 a day, when you have qualifying Direct Deposit activity.

How do I cash out my stimulus debit card?

To transfer money from your stimulus debit card to your bank account, go to the EIP Card website or use the Money Network mobile app, and select the option to “Move Money Out.” You’ll need both the routing number and the account number from your bank account to make the transfer.

Why did I get a debit card instead of a stimulus check?

An EIP card is a prepaid debit card that the Treasury Department has used to distribute some stimulus payments under the CARES Act, instead of an electronic monetary transfer or paper checks. The cards were provided to some eligible US residents for whom the government didn’t have banking information.

Who gets a stimulus debit card?

The IRS has sent 4 million payments by prepaid debit cards, or Economic Impact Payment (EIP) cards, as the Treasury Department has dubbed them. The cards are going out to certain eligible taxpayers who filed tax returns but for whom the IRS doesn’t have bank account information.

Is Ace flare a bank account?

The ACE Flare Account is established by MetaBank, Member FDIC. Funds on deposit are FDIC insured through MetaBank.

How do you get cash from a stimulus card?

You can also get cash back at participating merchants after making a purchase: select “debit” on the keypad at the register, enter your four-digit PIN, select “yes” for cash back and enter the amount you want back. You can use your card at an ATM, though there’s a $1,000 ATM withdrawal limit.

Can you withdraw money from a money network card?

Yes, you can use your Card to withdraw cash from ATMs. Visit our Locator online or in the Money Network Mobile App2 to locate surcharge-free ATMs near you.

Can you transfer money from money network to bank account?

Yes, you can easily transfer the funds1 from your EIP Card to an existing bank account online at or using the Money Network Mobile App2. You will need the Routing and Account number for your bank account. To transfer funds: Call 1.800.

How do you receive money on Money Network?

Options include receiving the funds on their Money Network Card or deposited directly into their personal bank account. If the recipient does not have a Money Network Card or a personal bank account, then he/she is able to request a non-reloadable virtual card where the funds will be instantly loaded.

Can you transfer money from Eppicard to bank account?

Funds Transfer. You may transfer funds from your Card account to a U.S. bank account owned by you. We assess a $1.50 fee for each funds transfer request. You must initiate the funds transfer by calling the automated customer service at 1-866-461-4095.