Question: How Do You Add A Camera To Axis Companion?

What is IP camera activation password?

In earlier versions of the firmware (to version 5.3.

0) IP cameras HIKVISION supplied to IP address 192.0.

0.64 and the default password is 12345.

0 and above before connecting to the network need to “activate” because they come from the factory without password (not active)..

What is the default password for Axis cameras?

The default user of an AXIS product is “root” and previously the default password was “pass”.

How do I find my axis camera on my network?

To navigate to the camera’s Device Details page, select Devices in the navigation bar to the left in your Room Alert Account, and then select your camera from the device list. You may find the unit’s IP address listed under Local IP.

What port does Axis cameras use?

Used for video, audio, metadata stream (AES encryption). If TCP fails on 55754, 55752 with HTTP is used for application data (AES encryption). +2 offset from main HTTP port. Used for AXIS Camera Station server discovery with SSDP/UPNP.

What is IP utility?

IP Utility is a free, Windows-based application tool with friendly user interface. It helps you locate available devices including cameras, video encoders, and standalone NVRs in the network by showing its IP address.

Are Axis cameras Onvif compliant?

2) If using AXIS as the manufacturer does not work, you can always select ONVIF as the manufacturer and add the camera to one of our recorders. This requires that the AXIS camera be ONVIF compatible so be sure to check the specifications for the particular model you have.

How do I connect my axis camera?

Configuring an Axis CameraConnect the camera. Connect the Axis camera to the computer using an Ethernet cable. … Configure computer IP address. Set your computer’s IP address to 192.168. … Launch the Setup Axis Camera Tool. … Setup the Camera. … Manual Camera Configuration. … Setup Page. … Configure Users. … Configure Image Settings.More items…•

What is AXIS Camera Station?

AXIS Camera Station is a video management software for surveillance specially developed for small and midsized installations. … AXIS Camera Station matches our other network video products and features to offer you a complete, flexible, safe and reliable system.

Do Axis cameras have audio?

It’s not widely known, but Axis cameras have another facility for playing audio; Java. This means that users with Mac or Linux computers can listen to audio, as well as Windows users who don’t use Internet Explorer. Some configuration changes are required, but it can be accomplished in a few minutes.

Is Axis companion free?

It’s ideal for small businesses and home users that require a straightforward video surveillance with easy access from mobile devices. Download Axis Companion application for free – choose either the PC, Android or iOS version from the table on the right.

What is the default password for Vivotek IP cameras?

Vivotek: root/ Ubiquiti: ubnt/ubnt. Uniview: admin/123456. W-Box (Hikvision OEM, old): admin/wbox123.

How do I reset my axis camera password?

There is no possibility to find the password. If the password is lost, the Axis product needs to be reset by restoring the factory default settings and re-configured. Instructions on how to perform a factory default can be found in the Installation Guide/User’s Manual for your product.

How do I find my axis camera MAC address?

You can check this by going to the network tab in windows and looking for a device such as “Axis or using the Axis IP Utility. Take note of your MAC address which you’ll find on the camera. Also find your OAK. This typically comes on a separate piece of paper in the camera box.

What is the default IP address for AXIS Camera?

The camera’s default IP-address (192.168. 0.90) can be used to configure it. Follow the instructions below: Reset your Axis camera or video encoder to the factory defaults as described in the Installation Guide.

Are Axis cameras worth the money?

Having witnessed its performance over the last three weeks, Axis is worth buying if money is not a concern. But if you’re on a tight budget, Hikvision or Honeywell will be your best bet.

Whats better 4k or 5mp?

As you can see, the clarity of the 4K image is much better. 4K Video Surveillance Cameras. … For example, the image above shows the difference between a 3MP, a 5MP, and a 12MP (4K) camera when they are all digitally zoomed. As you can see, the clarity of the 4K image is much better.