Question: Can NRI Take Admission In IIT?

Who are eligible for NRI quota?

As per the Supreme Court order, the eligibility criteria for NRI seat aspirants are: One of the parents of the student should be an NRI and shall ordinarily be residing abroad as an NRI.

The person who sponsors the student should be a first-degree relation and should be residing abroad as an NRI..

Can I get admission in IIT?

Only if a student clears JEE Advanced and obtains an All India Rank (AIR), she/he can take admission into the IITs (subject to fulfillment of other eligibility criteria). Those who clear JEE Mains only are eligible for admission to NITs, IIITs, CFTIs, SFIs, and State Engineering Colleges (for some States).

Is it difficult to get admission in IIT?

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are among the most difficult schools in the world to get into. The University of Oxford accepts one out of five applicants. IITs take in just one out of 50.

Can a foreigner study in IIT?

For promoting IITs as global education destinations, the IIT Council on Friday decided to exempt foreign students from taking the JEE mains exam, which is the screening exam for selection to IIT entrance exam known as JEE Advanced. With this foreign students will now appear for the JEE advanced directly.