How Do I Redeem My Grofers Points?

How do Grofers make money?

Grofers sources fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers, eliminating middlemen.

If they are harvested today, they are delivered tomorrow with Grofers’ own supply chain.

But building a supply chain for fresh fruits and vegetables demands attention to detail..

What is SBC user in Grofers?

By joining smart bachat club you can enjoy shopping at wholesale prices. The membership also provides you access to exclusive offers from Grofers. You get the lowest prices on products. The prices for club members are lower than the regular discount prices on Grofers.

How do I contact Grofers customer service?

Alternatively, you may contact the Company to correct or update such information by sending an e-mail to: In the event of loss of access to the website, you may contact the Company by sending an e-mail to:

How can I get a free Grofers membership?

Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership For FREE.1.1 Grofers Free Membership : Get Grofers 1 Month Smart Bachat Club Membership For Free.1.2 OFFER 1 : Get Smart Bachat Club Membership 30 Days For Rs. 1 + Unlimited Times Trick.1.3 OFFER 2 : Pay Rs. 49 And Get Rs. 49 On Smart Bachat Club Membership.

Which is better Grofers or BigBasket?

Delivery time slot: The delivery slot is another reason why Grofers is preferable since they deliver between 6 am to 11 pm. Whereas Big Basket gives the option of four types of slots to choose from. Delivery time: Depending on the store, Grofers claims 90-minute delivery time.

Who is owner of Grofers?

Saurabh KumarSaurabh Kumar – Founder – Grofers | LinkedIn.

How do I get my money back from Grofers?

Cancellation and ReturnWhat is the cancellation policy of Grofers? Grofers provides easy and hassle free cancellation policy. … How do I cancel my order? You can cancel the order from within the app inside Order History, or write to us at or call us on 3355 2400 to cancel y. … What if the delivered product is defective?

How do I raise a complaint in Grofers?

Phone number: 011 3355 2400.

How do I complain to Grofers?

Grofers Customer Care Numbers: Grofers Toll-Free Helpline No011 3355-2400.022 3355-2400.080 3355-2400.

What is reward points in Grofers?

Reward points: When you pay for any order on Amazon or Grofers or Bigbasket and pay with your credit card, you also earn reward points.

How do I redeem Grofers gift vouchers?

How to RedeemLog onto and select the product of your choice.Select your shipping address and select on Deliver here.Click on “PROCEED TO PAYMENT”Click on “PROMO CODE & BANK OFFERS”Enter the code in “Have a promo code” tab and place your order.

How do I get a Grofers franchise?

One can apply for the Grofers grocery store franchise in the following ways : Email to the grofers franchise officials on the address mentioned in the grofers website with your contact details and query to acquire one of their franchise.