How Can I Check My Telepreneur Balance?

How can I check my globe balance at home?

Dial *143# and choose “Balance Inquiry“ then “Check My Remaining Load Balance“.

3.) Next step would be to dial 211 and use Globe’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature..

How can I check my globe balance by text?

Via text message This is the most common way to check balance. Simply text BAL and send to 222. You will receive a message like this.

How do I check my smart load wallet balance?

For Smart Prepaid subscribers:Go to SMART MENU > Buddy Balance/Prepaid Balance to receive load balance information via text.Text ? … Dial and call 214# and press Call to receive load balance information via text.Dial and call *121# and press Call to view regular load balance (and subscribe to prepaid offers).More items…

What is load wallet?

Load Wallet is your all in one wallet to send load and pay bills. by CommuniGate Technologies Inc.

How do I check my TPC balance?

To know your current Load Credit balance,Type BAL.Send it to your Gateway.

How do I replenish my wallet in TPC?

TPC E-loading Franchise Business 1st Step→Go to any 7-11 Branches Nationwide. 6th Step→Enter our Gcash Mobile Number and the Exact Amount you want. 9th→After you got the receipt, double check the Gcash Mobile Number and Amount. 10th→Go to the Cashier, give the receipt to pay.

How do I check my Globe 2020 load wallet balance?

Via the Globe MenuDial *143# on your phone and press Call.Enter number 7 for Balance Inquiry, then press Send.You will receive an onscreen message showing your current balance, free texts, and load validity.

How do I return Telepreneur?

How to refund load? To Refund, type: HELP (space) RF (space) Trace Number (space) Date and Time and send to gateway. *Only Load Pocket and unsuccessfully loaded amount can be refunded.

How do I cash my TPC a fund?

You can withdraw your funds after you have complied with the required procedure on Fund Withdrawals. Upon compliance of the required procedure, you can do this on your mobile phone: type ENCASHAMTDETAILS. Send it to your Gateway.

How do I activate TPC retailer?

To activate, type: ACT (space) mobile Number and send to gateway. *Example: ACT 09123456789 and send to gateway. Note: 100 Load Pocket balance is required to activate a System User. The 100 Load Pocket that was deducted from your account will be received by the New System User.

Can I transfer my load to GCash?

Just Search it on the web using google search engine ( Converting Load To Gcash ). 2.) Click the link the will appear on google search page ( ). … Click done to the link ( 2882 will text you about the amount of converted load and your Gcash Balance).

How can I buy load wallet in GCash?

Top Up With GCashSelect Buy Load on the dashboard.Choose Buy Load from the tabs present.Input the mobile number of the load recipient.Choose from the available load denominations and combos.Review confirmation page.Click confirm.Receive an SMS regarding your purchase!