Does Your Billing Address Have To Be Where You Live?

Can you use a credit card without billing address?

Original question: “Where can you use a credit card without a billing address?” …

You may use the credit card at just about any establishments that accepts your card without revealing your billing address, such as stores, supermarkets, servos, restaurants, and many others..

Does it matter if your billing address is wrong?

If you get the billing address wrong, the credit card company will usually reject the payment request, even if it is a single letter/digit off.

Is the billing address where you live?

What is the difference between my residential address and my billing address? Your residential address is the street address where you reside. Your billing address is the address to which your credit card bills are sent.

Does billing address matter online order?

Yes. For credit card verification you must enter your billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. However, the shipping address you wish to ship to does not need to match your billing or credit card address.

What happens if my shipping address is different than my billing address?

This is a commonly misunderstood policy. Actually, having different Billing and Shipping addresses should not delay your order. Rather, your order may be delayed if you enter an incorrect Billing address. Your Billing address is the address your credit card statement is mailed to.

Does Amazon send anything to billing address?

They won’t send anything to your billing address. Your billing address on amazon is the address that your debit/credit card/bank account is registered at. The bill generated by Amazon which you will receive via mail have this address. This can be saved for future uses or claiming warranty.

What happens if you put the wrong billing address on Amazon?

It is your billing and shipping information in their system that gets pushed over to us in the checkout view. An incorrect billing address will not influence your order with us, as long as Amazon Pay has all the correct details. Next time, please update it with Amazon, and that info won’t be pushed over.

Why do they ask for billing address?

The request for a billing address is to prevent credit card fraud. They want to ensure that the billing address matches the billing address of your credit card. The credit card billing address is where your credit card bills or credit card notification are sent.

Is a billing address important?

An accurate credit card billing address helps ensure that important card-related mail, such as your monthly credit card statement, is sent to the right place. Keeping your billing address updated also helps protect you from potential identity theft.

What do I put for billing address?

How to Fill Out a Billing AddressRemove the credit card you’re paying with from your wallet. Look on the front of the card for your name. … Type in the address attached to your credit card. Do not enter the shipping address. … Enter the country and state the billing address is located in. Type in the ZIP code. … Review the information.

Does billing address name have to match credit card?

Your billing name must match the actual name on your credit card for legal authorization to charge your credit card. Spouses or other individuals who indicate they have been given ‘verbal’ authorization to use your card aren’t able to provide sufficient legal authorization, as they are not the valid cardholder.

Can I have Amazon ship to a different address?

You should only ship to the address provided to you by Amazon. … Amazon says to only ship to the address provided by the customer during checkout. If you ship to 2 different addresses, you will pay double shipping and not be covered if they claim not received. Customer needs to place 2 separate orders.

Can I use a fake billing address?

Nothing. You cannot change stores, and even if you were to somehow able to get to the US store, you couldn’t use it because you could not provide the information I mentioned before. Changing stores requires a credit card, and the billing address has to be verified through the credit card company.

Do you need billing address for PayPal?

PayPal needs your postal address because we use it as your default billing address. In addition, some credit card companies use your postal address for authentication purposes, even if you have a different billing address.

Can I have two billing addresses?

Yes, you can use a different billing address for different Cards. However, you can only have one billing address per Card.

What is the billing address for this bank account?

Your billing address is the address linked with your bank card.